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Practice Sharing



We invited partners to our practice sharing days at Nature Beats.

Orbit Housing:

Orbit sent their Tenancy Engagement Team to take part in the practice-sharing day that helped with their team building. The officers felt more able to relate the benefits of the experience to their tenants which helped the recruitment process.


“I have found today very valuable. I have learnt lots, enjoyed the team building elements but most of all enjoyed the quiet time and opportunity for reflection. It has been so useful to experience what the young do – it will make it easier to explain what is on offer and encourage others to benefit from this awesome programme.” – Natalie Robertson, Area Community Manager, Orbit Living

Mental Health Team at the Job Shop:

"This is a fantastic opportunity for young people especially those who are suffering from any form of mental health condition. We regularly refer some of our most hard to reach clients who have given nothing but high praise for the courses. We have been so impressed with the levels of new found confidence displayed by the young people who have taken part in the courses. They have gone from being unable to walk into an unfamiliar environment needing accompaniment to being able to go to new places and engage with new faces and situations on a daily basis.  We will continue to work in partnership with Wild Earth to get the best outcomes for the young people we work with, especially those lacking in confidence. We have been so impressed with the dramatic changes we have seen in the young people we work with after their involvement with Wild Earth that we look forward to building an ever stronger partnership with them.”

- Patrick Carey, Team Head for the Work and Wellbeing Service, The Job Shop

Family Hubs:

"This is a fantastic way of reaching out to families. We are excited to explore the role that the Nature Beats format can play in the immediate future to connect young people and families."

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