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Nature Jam:

Woodland Jamming, Finding Music in nature and using organic sounds, using the surrounding area to create a soundscape. Small groups, supported by a music leader, will head out on a sound hunt until a suitable spot is found; somewhere that has enough elements so that the group can literally ‘play’ the woodland space like a huge natural instrument. Imagine an old oil drum, a hollowed out the tree, a voice and a rattly mesh… now combine these into a four-part jam and record the results! It is a free-form, creative way to come up with ideas and make music. And because the setting, group and ‘instruments’ are all unconventional, the results are led fully by the players in the group.


Benefits of Woodland jam:

  • Self Expression

  • Releasing Inhibitions

  • Group Bonding

  • Creativity

  • Everyone has a shared experience and goal

  • Confidence building

  • Observing natural environment and exploring it’s potential

  • Improvisation

  • Listening

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