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Producing Nature Music Indoors

This is an opportunity for participants to apply basic sound recording skills to the indoor environment. It can take a number of formats, but splitting into small groups works well. Each group has a basic set of recording kit consisting of: 

  • a portable sound recorder

  • headphones

  • [non essential] external microphone


Each group will pair with a member of staff and go through the building looking for opportunities to create sound. It can help to have a list of the type of sounds to collect (e.g. drums, bassy, scratchy, tuneful… etc) as this can tie into the music being worked on / being planned at least to get things going.

The duration of this activity can vary depending on the  recoding aims so it is worth experimenting before. As the weeks progress, different recording methods and equipment can be used to broaden the skills of the group.


It is good to regroup back at the room to listen back to footage and share experiences, techniques and successes. This feedback can also be recorded and used as future podcasts or evaluations if you plan well to fit this into the session. We have used feedback discussions in tracks to great effect!

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