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Breath work-Pranayama, Yoga postures, Meditation


Breath work/Pranayama:

The session always begins with centring yourself and arriving in the space, focus on being present in your body, allowing yourself to receive information about where you are holding tension in your body, connecting in with yourself, your breath and your own awareness.

Awareness of how we breath, observing the breath, beginning to fully expand the lungs and feel in to the capacity of the lungs, use them to their full potential.


Benefits of Breath Meditation and awareness:

Allowing yourself to be fully present, calm the mind and receive information about your body, Reduces stress in the body by focusing on breath, Working with the breath helps reduce Anxiety and allows us to centre ourselves, if we are fully focusing on the breath counting our inhale and exhale, we are not focusing in on anything else, we are beginning to come out of our heads and into our body, balance is being restored and sets us up for our asana practice (postures). The breath is the base layer of our practice and allows us to connect with our bodies, it shows us and is a great marker for us throughout our practice of where we can go with the postures, by listening to our breath we understand when we may push too far with a pose, allow the breath to be your guide.

Yoga is the union of the breath and movement

Showing us the connection to our senses and ourselves is a great tool for life and can help in situations where we may feel that we are unable to cope, this gives coping mechanisms for potentially stressful situations and teaches us that we can be an observer to our own thoughts.


Yoga postures/ Asanas:

Stretching is always an important aspect of a yoga session, the practise of Ahimsa: non-violence and non-harming is also adhered to, we work within our own capabilities without pushing and harming our bodies, recognising our own limitations at that present time, just because we did something last time there is no need to assume that today we will do it again, everyday we are different.

Asana/ yoga postures, Movement of the body with the breath, allowing the body to open up and dislodge any tension and stagnant energy.


Benefits of Yoga postures:

Physically allowing your body to move, improving flexibility and strength.

Mental focus on the breath and yoga positions, exercise increases endorphins and gives you that feel good factor.

Energetically shifting energy around your body with movement and breath.



The end of the session and savasana is one of the most important postures in yoga, it is always used to finish a yoga session, meditation relaxes the whole body and mind.



Benefits of Mediation:

  • Calming the body and mind

  • Reduces stress levels

  • Improves concentration

  • Increase in Happiness

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